The convenient way to not spend time

Laterz postpones stuff to better later times.

Procrastinate like never before

There is really no reason to do anything today. Do it tomorrow or the next day instead.

Postpone links / text from other apps

Laterz receives shares from your other apps and lets you schedule it at your discretion.

Postpone text of your choice

Tap the screen to quickly type some text so you can remember it later ~ later you can postpone it again.

Laterz understands you

Laterz remembers your best times for scheduling and shows them as easy, quick choices.
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Privacy the only way

Everything stays on your device and Laterz doesn't share anything with anybody – not even the creator of Laterz.

Local notifications

All notifications data are saved locally and served directly from the phone. There is no communication with the outside world.

Contact us

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